Dorad Energy Ltd. was founded in 2002, with the objective of producing and supplying electricity to industrial and commercial enterprises and private customers. Dorad is a pioneer of the competitive market and private production in the State of Israel. Since May 2014, Dorad has sold most of its electricity directly to industrial plants, commercial entities and private consumers.

Dorad is committed to providing advanced and reliable energy solutions, with the maximum energy efficiency, tailored to the needs of its customers and the environment in which the station operates, while complying with the requirements of the law and the most current environmental standards.

Sustainability and environmental protection are a top priority for Dorad throughout its managerial decision-making process, and are a cornerstone of the targets and goals set for the activity of all the Company’s functions in the areas of QA, safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

Keeping employees safe and healthy and protecting the environment are an integral part of the Company’s vision and values.

The electricity produced by the Dorad power station is environmentally-friendly, produced with natural gas which significantly reduces the harm to the environment and contributes to a better mix of fuels in the Israeli energy market.

In recent years, environmental regulation have played an increasingly significant role in the life of infrastructure companies, and accordingly the environmental demands to which they are subject have also increased. Dorad’s management has set a goal to do everything in its power to minimize the environmental impact of the power station’s activity.

Accordingly, the Company’s management and employees undertake to promote implementation of environmental processes and technologies of recycling, increasing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental emissions, and acting for the constant improvement of the processes in the power station and the Company’s environmental performance. The Company undertakes to implement this policy in several ways:

  • In the operation of the power station and its various facilities and in the planning of new facilities, the Company is working to constantly reduce the environmental impact of its operations, including adoption of the best proven and cost-effective technologies.
  • Reducing the byproducts of the power station, and reducing pollutants in wastewater, air emissions and solid waste.
  • Intelligent use and savings of water, out of recognition of the importance of this public resource.
  • Applying systems to improve safety and environmental protection at the power station and taking corrective measures as needed.
  • Complying fully with the regulations and legal requirements to prevent and limit the environmental impact of the power station, by setting internal procedures and standards within the company.
  • Operating based on environmental awareness, while integrating environmental considerations into the Company’s business, including in decision-making processes.
  • Developing awareness and instilling environmental values and environmental protection among the employees of the Company and the power station, including through regular training and guidance.
  • Carrying out control, monitoring, inspection, follow-up and reporting, thereby ensuring the reduction of the environmental impact and keeping the power station in compliance with environmental standards, as decided by the Company.
  • Maintaining ongoing dialogue with stakeholders based on cooperation, transparency and credibility.

Inquiries on environmental issues may be addressed to Mr. Alex Golomb at alexg@ezom.co.il.


Dorad is leading Israel to the era of personal and competitive electricity and is committed to promoting technological education in Israel, fostering the interest of youth in science and engineering by developing advanced study programs in middle and high schools, based on current content from the industry and academia as a basis for science teaching, in accordance with the study program of the Ministry of Education.

Dorad works extensively for the community and the residents of Israel in various ways, such as the adoption of an IDF unit, as well as many other activities for the community.